Our experts

Paylivre was born out of the unique challenges of the payments market,
the vision and willingness to overcome the barriers of a developing country.

We believe that our different backgrounds not only promote innovation, but also enriches experiences.

We work together to build a future without borders, where time is not scarce and distances are synonyms for opportunities

Marcos Oliveira


Brazilian, graduated in Production Engineering from UNISUAM, held managerial positions in heavy construction contractors in Africa, and made a career transition to fintech.

Speculator and financial markets lover since 2016, he felt the pain of bureaucratic and slow remittances as an investor with the desire to diversify his portfolio with foreign assets. He founded Paylivre, a technological and bureaucracy-free solution to connect enterprises to people.

He feels accomplished when working as a strategist, developing new products, leading teams and solving problems.

Mariana Milani


After living 7 years in Russia and traveling 20+ countries, Mariana decided to return home by the end of 2019. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in international relations from St. Petersburg State University, focused on international business.

Found a new passion in financial services, especially in technological solutions that change the way people invest, buy and sell. She loves to work in dynamic, multicultural, multilingual environments.

Portuguese, English, Spanish and Russian.

José Gitz


He studied at the Weizmann Institute in Israel (1996), fell in love with technology and started his career working for internet providers. As a Systems Engineer at Microsoft since 2001, participated in the implementation of broadband ADSL technology in Porto Alegre. In 2009, he got to know the foreign exchange market and started developing apps for institutions and investors. Enthusiast of cryptocurrencies, he combined his experience with the financial market and the desire to develop Blockchain applications to help in the creation of currencies. He believes that innovation and safety must always go hand in hand.